Custom Headers

Shearer Fabrications is largely founded on our ability to create world class handmade custom product. If you do not see a product to suit your needs or application we likely can build something to make your project come to life.

We do custom headers a little differently here. We have a lot of pride in our passion for quality fabrication work but our roots are deeply founded in design and development. Each custom order starts with determining customer wants, needs, materials and application. Once the requirements are defined we begin the order by designing the headers in a CAD environment using 3D modeling software. It’s here the magic starts to happen when an idea starts to take shape. This allows us to optimize the design and know exactly what we(us and you) are building before we order materials. Chassis fitment issues, runner lengths, tube angles, collector design, fixture design, EVERYTHING is sorted out before we start building these. It’s a timely process and a pain in the ass but the end product makes it all worth it. 🙂

Once the design is done the order makes it’s way out to the fab shop to start production of the fixtures and the final product. Once fixtures are complete the order moves over to Tube Fabrication. Here the magic starts to take on a form as our attention to detail, passion for quality and choice of materials is what separates Shearer Fab headers from the other offerings out there. As the tubes are cut to shape all of the tubing is cleaned inside and out prior to welding to insure clean contaminant free welds. Once Tube Fab completes their duties the order moves over to welding where all of the tubes are fitted and tacked together as the header starts to come to life. A ton of time is spent fitting all of the tube joints together here. Correcting the natural tube deformation from the mandrel bending process is time consuming and tedious. Using a soft jawed vise, tubing expander and a wooden slapper & shot filled leather bag are common practice for every welded joint. It’s a pain in the ass but provides a perfect joint and helps to build the best product that we can. All welding is backpurged to provide the best weld we can offer. We will typically use an entire 330cu ft. cylinder of Argon welding a set of V8 headers!!!