Redline Motorsports Igloo Test

Igloo Testing

Redline Motorsports out of Bloomington, Il strapped their SBF powered mustang on the dyno last night with our new Igloo Core upgrade installed. With a Precision Turbo Pro Mod 85mm turbo on car and with everything identical other than the intercooler change the car picked up .7psi of boost, intake temps were reduced an additional […]


Speedlab’s Wicked Pickup

The SpeedLab Creations crew is putting together a wicked S10. We were fortunate that they choose our bolt-on intercooler for the Holley LS Intake too cool down the boost from the big Borg Warner turbo!

Ray Litz

Litz Ready to Rumble

Ray is almost ready to rock after his crash at the Miller Brothers Import vs Domestic race in 2014. Looking forward to seeing him get back out there and kick some ass! Follow the link over to NMCA’s page for a good writeup! Litz Ready to Lay Rubber after Post-Wreck Rebuild

Clay Forrester

Clay Forrester’s New Best

Clay brought the his Drag Week Mustang out to the Street Car Takeover event at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park this past weekend. Not only did he run a new personal best but managed to set a class record with it as well!  

Sinister Wagon

I have no idea who Scorch TV is but they have a couple good passes of Frank’s Wagon at Gateway

Clay's Engine Labs Feature

Clay’s Engine Labs Feature

Engine Labs gave Clay Forrester’s Drag Week hot rod some love this week! It’s worth the read. A great write of a reliable and extremely fast street car. Click the logo to read the article!    

Street Machine TV

Definitely a video worth watching. Just to listen to the Aussie accent!


In true street car fashion Clay didn’t put any limiters on the front of the Mustang for Drag Week. Keeping the front end down at all of the tracks became quite a task and power management became of the utmost importance. Hopefully these don’t get in the way of maintaining his goal of a 7 […]

Drag Week Coverage

Dinger from Drag Radial Media caught up with Clay and Frank to see how their Drag Week was going.  

2015_08_06  featured image

New BBC Turbo Headers!

I wanted to roll out a couple new LS headers first but I had someone interested in the BBC headers so these became the priority. And once again the LS headers have been delayed due to interest in SBC headers. This is the first of 2 or 3 new BBC designs I want to come […]