Fox steals Eagles Dinner

I looked out the kitchen window this afternoon as I rinsing a glass out and saw a Bald Eagle snacking on a Catfish down by the ponds. It was cold out and almost stayed in but I decided to go for a walk and take some photos. There is always a lot of nature activity […]



Today I figured out how lucky we were to find this house. We’re still not moved into the house but I’m here working on the house or barn everyday getting a little here and there done. Everything is in boxes and doesn’t have a place to belong to yet and it can make working or […]


The Next Chapter!

Life is an adventure! I have definitely wanted to update this blog a bit more over the last couple months but things have been pretty hectic. The beginning of November I started packing my house and shop up to move it all to eastern Pennsylvania. I’m a glutton for punishment in regards to moving. I’ve done […]

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How it begins…

My grandmother gave me a small journal as a gift when I was kid and remember her telling me how important it was for me to keep a journal. Not only for myself but for others after me to reflect on my journeys and memories. Twenty five years later there isn’t a word written in […]