As we continue to roll out our new heavy duty radius formed air tanks for our 2000hp, 3000hp and 4000hp intercoolers we are working on new designs and variations to suit a wider range of applications. The new heavy duty air tanks are made of 3/16″ aluminum with a continual increasing radius design for the ultimate in strength and durability. These air tanks eliminate flex and will not balloon out when pressurized. Tank flex and ballooning is a¬†which ultimately leads to catastrophic failure.

This new design utilizes Garrett’s ultra efficient Intercooler cores and was designed with the intent to mount these Intercoolers in the engine bay near the turbo. Common in x275 and Ultra Street combinations. Besides helping to put some extra weight on the nose of the car this eliminates several bends and multiple feet of tubing from the Intercooler system. Less bends and shorter tubing reduces parasitic losses helping the turbo work more efficiently. What’s this mean in the real world? It leads to cooler intake temperatures and the possibility of gaining 1-2psi of max boost. And in classes that are turbo limited that extra pound of boost could mean all the difference at the stripe on race day.

This design is currently available in 2000hp and 3000hp configurations!

x275 2000hp Intercooler

x275 2000hp Intercooler


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