I looked out the kitchen window this afternoon as I rinsing a glass out and saw a Bald Eagle snacking on a Catfish down by the ponds. It was cold out and almost stayed in but I decided to go for a walk and take some photos. There is always a lot of nature activity going on here so you never know what you’re going to witness. Most of the time nothing too out of the ordinary happens but sometimes you are in for a treat. I love this new place and love being a fly on the wall as natures activities unfold right in front of you. Pretty amazing.

As I made my way down towards the feasting Eagle he was taking notice of me immediately. I took my time walking in intervals and stopping as to not alarm him. Their vision in impressive. As soon as I walked around the corner of the house he had eyes on me.  As I got a little closer I caught sight of a second Eagle off to my left circling about. It was taking occasional dives towards the ground with it’s claws out. I did not have a good angle on the Eagle and it was a bit far out. Only caught a couple good photos of it as it circled a bit closer to me.

The first Eagle kept his eye on me as I was moving closer. Neither of us had any idea what was coming his way.

A Red Fox was must have caught a scent of the fish the Eagle was snacking on. It came rushing up to the Eagle rather fast. It was using the banks of the ponds to conceal it’s presence. At first the Eagle tries to take off with the fish. Then it said fuck it and leaves the fish behind.

The fox steals the fish and takes off with it.

This is the second Eagle that was trying to scare off the Fox earlier. It’s now visibly pissed and making some aggressive moves and diving at the Fox to get the fish back.