Big power street cars are definitely becoming more common place. The requests we get for Intercoolers to support 1500+hp happen weekly¬†these days. The unfortunate side of things is that most cars can not fit an appropriately sized Air-Air Intercooler in the engine bay. And street car guys don’t want to be routing their intercooler plumbing through the cabin of the car. Not only because it’s ugly but it can turn the interior of your car into a sauna on long cruises! After talking to Clay@FRE about his Drag Week project we decided a front mounted Liquid-Air intercooler mounted would be the best solution.

Over the last year these Intercoolers have been gaining popularity and we have come up with several new designs for different applications. The latest design iteration is extremely compact and perfectly suited for big single turbo and centrifugal blower applications. This new 2000hp beast measures in at a mere 10″ in height and 26″ overall width! This is a super small package to support such big power!