Today I figured out how lucky we were to find this house. We’re still not moved into the house but I’m here working on the house or barn everyday getting a little here and there done. Everything is in boxes and doesn’t have a place to belong to yet and it can make working or finding things very fucking frustrating. Today was the first day I brought all the dogs to the new house by myself. Michelle usually brings Ash up when she comes so I don’t have to worry about him. It’s a whole new dynamic with the dogs and it is going to take some getting used to. The dogs have to figure out their pecking order within the new pack and they are all at a new home together. It’s going to be interesting to see how this unfolds since Ash literally weighs 100lbs more than any of my dogs.

We rolled in and there was a beautiful fog covering the entire area.

I got settled in and wanted to go for a quick walk with the dogs to tire them out a little and get them a little more used to being around one another. Everything so far has been smooth. I did manage to get them all to stay still long enough to get this picture. It took a solid 10 minutes and bit of frustration to make this happen! Damn dogs. And the first picture of the gang all together!

I was walking to the barn later that morning and saw something move out of the corner of my eye down by the lakes. I stopped to have a look and didn’t see anything so I went on my way. 20 minutes or so later I was heading back up to the house and I noticed a Bald Eagle on the shoreline eating a fish! Literally a 150′ away from the barn. Fucking cool! I made my way directly to the house to grab my camera to get some good photos.

Camera in hand I slowly started making my way a little closer to the Eagle. He kept trying to take off with the fish but couldn’t manage to get more than a foot off the ground. He landed himself a BIG Catfish. He kept eating away at the fish and would try to take off again and kept repeating. I was slowly making my way closer to him and he was clearly taking notice of my presence and finally gave up trying to take the fish. He got busy eating and ripping the fish apart. I was snapping pictures the entire time. It was a bit foggy as I started to make my way down there but the majority of it managed to burn off in the 10-15 minutes of time this progressed over. As he took off I managed to get this one awesome photo out of the entire bunch. Probably the most awesome photo I’ve been lucky enough to capture. Just awesome!