Life is an adventure! I have definitely wanted to update this blog a bit more over the last couple months but things have been pretty hectic. The beginning of November I started packing my house and shop up to move it all to eastern Pennsylvania. I’m a glutton for punishment in regards to moving. I’ve done it way to many times over the years. This will be my last time until growth of the company dictates it or we build something of our own. I swear it! 🙂
Why move halfway across the country? The short answer is to be with my girl. She was my high school sweetheart and somehow we have managed to stay in contact most of our adult lives. Christmas of 2014 we reconnected and spent the majority of 2015 trying to spend as much time as possible together. Not an easy task when we’re 900 miles apart. And since most of my sales are shipped to the customer the physical location of the company does not seem to matter to significantly. So I packed it all up and moved east.

Prior to moving we spent a few months of searching for homes and we weren’t having much luck finding places. I wanted a house with a big building so I could essentially work from home and that was becoming increasingly difficult to find. One of Michelle’s friends let us know about a property close to where she keeps her horse. After talking to the landlord it sounded promising and I came out a week later to check the place out. Turns out to be an old farmhouse with a decently sized two story barn nestled on 100 acres overlooking 55 acres of lakes. We share the property with a fishery and all of the ponds happen to be stocked fishing ponds. Yes! The house needed a bunch of cleaning, paint and some updating to make it tolerable to live in. To be expected for an old stone house that was built in the late 1800’s and nothing a little elbow grease can’t fix. The barn was an entirely different subject and a much larger project. It was in need of LOTS of cleaning, new electrical service, had to be wired from scratch, needed lighting and outfitted with other necessities to allow me to do my job and to start growing the business again. It’s going to be a big project but all worth it in the end. I think that we’ve found a pretty special place with great views, lots of land and some awesome wildlife surrounding us. I’m pretty excited to be building stuff in a barn that was built in the 1770s. I’m stoked!

We made the commitment on the housing Nov 1, 2015 and I got busy laying out a schedule for myself and getting everything organized for the move. Everything seemed to be progressing really fast over the next couple weeks. The amount of work getting everything packed in an organized fashion was overwhelming and tiring. The days flew by. November 24th came and the semi trailer showed up to start the loading process. Also bought a ton of wood to build crates out of all the pallets I collected to put my heavier equipment on(Thanks Darryl Scroth!!) and we got busy loading. Thanks to Rick and Justin we got the trailer loaded up in a few days time right after Thanksgiving and we ran out of space in the trailer!

So I went on a hunt trying to find a trailer hitch for an Element SC and it just so happened the local U-Haul was the only place to have one in stock within 450miles! Luck was on our side. So we installed the hitch early the following morning and loaded the little U-Haul trailer up, my clothes, dogs and hit the road for Pennsylvania later that day, December 2nd. ABF showed up and picked the trailer up the same day. I passed it on the turnpike later on. haha. This was the first time towing with the Element and I really had my doubts it would have enough power going through the hills of Pennsylvania. To my surprise it did pretty damn awesome with a ~1600lb or so total trailer weight plus all the crap I had in the back of the car. Definitely going to have to build a 4’x8′ utility trailer for the car once I get settled in.

I departed a little later than I wanted to and only made it to Cleveland before I had to stop and take a nap. Unfortunately time didn’t allow me to stop and hang out with friends. Stopped at a rest stop and crashed for about 5 hours before I filled the gas tank up and hit the road again. I have made this drive 4 times already this year and this was by far the most tiring and boring drive I had made yet. The dogs looked like they were going to kill me with a couple hours left of driving to do. I could not wait to get there to see Michelle, stretch and grab a beer! You can see in the pic below how bored the dogs were! 🙂

After a good nights sleep at Michelle’s I got up and headed to the new place(12/5)! Lots to do!!!! ugh

  • Unpack the stuff I brought with me.
  • Wait for the Semi to get here to unpack that.
  • Schedule all the utilities to come out and get everything hooked up.
  • Get an electrician out to upgrade the service to the house and barn.
  • Start the work on the massive barn project.
  • And all the other little things I’m not thinking of or have forgotten about!

Later that day I looked up and noticed a Bald Eagle sitting in a tree right behind the house! Holy shit I about freaked out! Fuck yea! America!

And our first pic together at the new place. She is probably going to kill me for this but I don’t care. Couldn’t get over how ridiculous my selfie stick is!

The first few days here I could not get over how much I love this place! The views are amazing and it’s so peaceful out here! The birds and wildlife running around are spectacular as well. Most mornings are starting off with a fairly dense fog that burns off by mid morning and the days have been mostly blue skies with a light breeze. The first few days went by pretty fast doing a bunch of nonsense busy work. Michelle and Kelly came over the first weekend and gave the Kitchen, Living Room and main Bedroom a fresh coat of paint. The paint really brought a new feel to the place and didn’t feel like we were back in the the 1940’s any longer.

The following Wednesday, 12/9, the semi trailer showed up to start unpacking. I was not looking forward to this! Fortunately my landlord showed up with a tractor with some big old forks on the front to make unloading a breeze!! We had the trailer empty in a day and a half. That’s a wrap for now! Lots of work of unpacking to get done and have to get the welders up and running to start building some cool shit!!