What started out as an upgraded Vortech Igloo core has morphed into a new Liquid Intercooler for Holley’s LS Intake Manifolds. Our customer is building a new Ultra Street combination and was planning to run an Igloo Core on top of an Edelbrock Super Vic intake. After some discussion we thought the Holley intake with a proper IC core would be a better direction to head. Longer runners with better air distribution across every cylinder can never hurt. So we started on something new with the intention of it being a viable option for Ultra, X275 and MX235 combinations.

The initial plan was to use two Garrett cores however their length and width dimensions did not fit the plenum well and was concerned it would have caused air distribution issues for the front and back cylinders. After some lengthy searching I settled on a core from Bell that fit the plenum quite well. The air flow and efficiency dictated a 4.5″ thick core would be necessary to remain efficient at the power levels we were intending to support. Anything shorter than the 4.5″ cooling path through the intercooler is likely to result into unacceptable intake temperature increases. Especially on Supercharged combinations where post compressor temps are typically quite a bit higher. Now that we have defined our design parameters I got buy designing the new core assembly. Here’s what we came up with and off to the machine shop the order went…

The Intercooler can be purchased here… http://www.shearerfabrications.com/sf06-02008.html

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