I just got back from another week long workation. Went back out to Pennsylvania to see my girl and got a little work done on the website while I was there. I swear the website is going to be the death of me. Needs so much work to get it to where I want. Anyway.

Early the following morning I headed out to Great Lakes Dragway to get my fix of go fast. The Hot Rod Drag Week crowd rolled into town for one of their 5 stops. About 5 minutes into my 20 minute drive to GLD I was overwhelmed by the smell of muscle cars running too rich on pump gas without any cats. Occasionally I would catch a whiff of the sweet scent of 110 octane from the group of hot rodders in front of me.  Upon my arrival at 8:30am I found the track to be packed and visitor parking was out past the 1/4 mile mark!

Immediately after entering the gates I noticed the Inspection Impound and saw Frank Saponaro’s beautiful wagon and Frank running around getting ready for his first pass. I was surprised to see Clay Forrester’s Mustang in impound as well. I had not been keeping up on the results and it turned out he was in second place in the small block power adder class. Both cars had managed a 7.8-7.9 average up to this point. I strolled around for a while and checked out the crazy assortment of cars on the property. Every LS swap imaginable was present, a straight axled gasser, 3500 diesel Ram  with 15″ slicks on the back and an old badass Civic 1200 with a B Series in it. Frank made his first pass and clicked off a 7.9x I believe. Clay followed shortly after and ran an 8.2x after pedaling out of a wheelie.  Even ran into Mike Reichen running his twin turbo Camaro in the 10.0 index class!

What a fun event and day at the track this was. Can add this to the bucket list of things to do!