I don’t know how many Mustangs and DSM’s I’ve had over the years with the intention of doing something nutty with them. Same story goes with all of them. I get started, get bored, let them sit for a while and later sell them. Dumping a bunch of money and time to build something “run of the mill” just isn’t me. I’d be just as happy getting a 1500 pickup with a 5.3 in it and building a fun burnout machine(I think this is required  regardless!!). It still leaves me wanting something ridiculous.

I thought about building a Pro Mod. Too much work for a 5 or 6 second pass. Too rich for my blood!! And I want to be able to drive on the street.
I had a couple clean Mustangs. One was ready to go for an LS. Another I mini tubbed with the intention of building an LS powered radial  car. Nothing unique there. Boring…
I had a real clean DSM. Would have been fun as that’s where my roots are. Way toos much maintenance to make decent power. Weak drivetrain. Boring…

I LOVE the Factory Five ’33 kit car. Spending all that money to build a ’33 that looks good and isn’t all that fast is just boring! Then I learned that FF will sell the body separately from the chassis and my wheels started spinning. Who remembers reading about the Quadradeuce in Hot Rod when they were a kid? That car was AWESOME! It was cool looking and it was AWD! Now a street worthy car that makes a shitload of power and is AWD excites me! And it won’t be an over sized sports car otherwise known as a GTR! I love GTR’s for the record.

So this is my crazy fucking idea. I’m going to build an AWD ’33 that sits on a 315 radial on each corner. A handbuilt tube chassis will contain the twin turbo LS powerplant that delivers it’s power to a GTR transmission and  driveline. Ideally this car will be 2500lbs with at least 1500hp. It will be capable of running Drag Week or getting ice cream on a Sunday afternoon while be able to knock some 7 second 1/4 mile passes. That’s it. Nothing to complicated! 🙂

So this is how I’m going to do it. I don’t have the space to devote to a project of the magnitude right now. Nor do I have the $$ as all of my money is getting devoted to getting Shearer Fab back up and running. I’m going to design the car from scratch. Grille to tailpipe. Every detail. Once the design phase is complete I should, in theory, have the resources to devote making this come to life.

I expect this to take years. Should be quite the adventure!

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