2000hp X275 Intercooler

As we continue to roll out our new heavy duty radius formed air tanks for our 2000hp, 3000hp and 4000hp intercoolers we are working on new designs and variations to suit a wider range of applications. The new heavy duty air tanks are made of 3/16″ aluminum with a continual increasing radius design for the […]


New 1800hp TT Intercooler

With street cars make more power than they ever have their need for adequate intercooling has continued to grow. Space is always at a premium and is the main reason why we made our Front Mount Liquid-Air Intercooler available. But there are a number of chassis’s out there that can fit a monstrous Air-Air Intercooler […]


Fox steals Eagles Dinner

I looked out the kitchen window this afternoon as I rinsing a glass out and saw a Bald Eagle snacking on a Catfish down by the ponds. It was cold out and almost stayed in but I decided to go for a walk and take some photos. There is always a lot of nature activity […]


2000hp Front Mount IC

Big power street cars are definitely becoming more common place. The requests we get for Intercoolers to support 1500+hp happen weekly these days. The unfortunate side of things is that most cars can not fit an appropriately sized Air-Air Intercooler in the engine bay. And street car guys don’t want to be routing their intercooler plumbing […]


Speedlab’s Wicked Pickup

The SpeedLab Creations crew is putting together a wicked S10. We were fortunate that they choose our bolt-on intercooler for the Holley LS Intake too cool down the boost from the big Borg Warner turbo! http://www.shearerfabrications.com/turbos/intercoolers/sf06-02008.html

Ray Litz

Litz Ready to Rumble

Ray is almost ready to rock after his crash at the Miller Brothers Import vs Domestic race in 2014. Looking forward to seeing him get back out there and kick some ass! Follow the link over to NMCA’s page for a good writeup! Litz Ready to Lay Rubber after Post-Wreck Rebuild

Clay Forrester

Clay Forrester’s New Best

Clay brought the his Drag Week Mustang out to the Street Car Takeover event at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park this past weekend. Not only did he run a new personal best but managed to set a class record with it as well!  


Igloo Design Updates

After some discussion with interested customers we’ve made two key changes to our initial design to ease the transition to this upgraded core. The new intercooler cores are a bit thicker than the originals. The mounting flanges were redesigned overall height to 4.75″, a mere .25″ increase over the original. The water tanks were changed […]

Sinister Wagon

I have no idea who Scorch TV is but they have a couple good passes of Frank’s Wagon at Gateway



Today I figured out how lucky we were to find this house. We’re still not moved into the house but I’m here working on the house or barn everyday getting a little here and there done. Everything is in boxes and doesn’t have a place to belong to yet and it can make working or […]


The Next Chapter!

Life is an adventure! I have definitely wanted to update this blog a bit more over the last couple months but things have been pretty hectic. The beginning of November I started packing my house and shop up to move it all to eastern Pennsylvania. I’m a glutton for punishment in regards to moving. I’ve done […]

Clay's Engine Labs Feature

Clay’s Engine Labs Feature

Engine Labs gave Clay Forrester’s Drag Week hot rod some love this week! It’s worth the read. A great write of a reliable and extremely fast street car. Click the logo to read the article!    


Liquid IC for Holley LS Intake

What started out as an upgraded Vortech Igloo core has morphed into a new Liquid Intercooler for Holley’s LS Intake Manifolds. Our customer is building a new Ultra Street combination and was planning to run an Igloo Core on top of an Edelbrock Super Vic intake. After some discussion we thought the Holley intake with […]

Street Machine TV

Definitely a video worth watching. Just to listen to the Aussie accent!

2015_10_16 featured image

Vortech Igloo Intercooler

A few weeks ago a customer called looking to put a better cooler in his Vortech Igloo. I was happy to oblige and designed up a new 2000hp unit utilizing Garrett cores. To make a long story short.  After some further discussion with the customer we came up with a different solution for his unique Ultra […]